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Dating a jersey girl

Dating a jersey girl
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Telling people you are from New Jersey leads to a multitude of conversations, questions and slights. But no worries; there are always ways to defend ourselves with so many wonderful things about Jersey. All are free of awful reality television stars, unless "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" decide to make an appearance. We have mainly Boston, New York and Philly fans to keep things interesting So, for Jersey girls interested in sports, we can pick a side.

I've always been told that dating a Jersey girl is a lot of work; personally I don't think it is, but obviously I'm biased. Here's some quick tips on the do'.

Help! How Do I Date a Jersey Girl?

If you've dated, are dating, or thinking about dating a Jersey Girl here's a few things about her you can totally see and maybe some things you. Dating, especially in college, can mean getting to know people from Here are 15 things you'll want to know about dating a Jersey girl. Girls from New Jersey get a lot of hate, especially since Jersey Shore made its way on MTV. Despite the rep, we're definitely the girls you want.

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