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Yamaha fg 75 dating

Yamaha fg 75 dating

But I'm sure a corporation as big as Yamaha has many factors come in to play. And there is some enjoyment to deciphering the code, makes you feel like you're an a guitar anthropologist anyway please leave a comment or post a video showing your experiences dating a guitar! If you're interested in supporting the channel.

YAMAHA FG-75 Fingerstyle, Old Yamaha Guitar, year 1969

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I once heard a very wise man say: “Talking about labels sounds like a Johnnie Walker ad”. But as far as we're talking Yamaha vintage FG's there is a lot of. the label is red and says "yamaha guitar fg", that is all it was made on March 24th, or, but i thought they quit making them in ? So it's an accurate build date you've got there, 24th March,

Any help with the dating mystery would be appreciated Don I recently contacted Eastman to find out the manufacture date of a T model that I purchased serial I was told that it was from I then inquired if there was a way to decode the serial to get the manufacture date and this was the response: As of right now there is not a way to decode the serial number.

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