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Dating murano labels

Dating murano labels

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The three questions that it is intended to help with are: is it a Murano paperweight? The project presents images of Murano paperweights from various makers and various dates, using labelled or etched Murano weights where possible. If you have a labelled or known to be Murano weight and know approximately when it was made, we would be happy to include images here.

Identifying Murano paperweights is not a straightforward task. It is not possible to make a positive attribution of a Murano paperweight just because it has Murano canes or carries a Murano label. So identifying a Murano cane in a paperweight does not guarantee it came from Murano, let alone which dating murano labels. Secondly, neither a Murano label nor the fact the paperweight was bought in Murano guarantees that it was made there.

Further datings murano labels when trying to attribute paperweights to a particular manufacturer are that: only a small number of Murano factories produce millefiori canes, wheras a much larger number produce paperweights, having bought the canes. However, there are some fairly common aspects of design that point towards a paperweight being made in Murano: a flat, polished, and well defined circular base.

Murano Glass a Tribute to Venetian Craft and Design

20 de jan de, Explore a pasta "Crystal & Glass" de rkrdmai, seguida por pessoas no Pinterest. Veja mais ideias sobre Muranos, Lâmpadas antigas e Vaso de cristal.

With all the recent talk about Chinese Murano glass, I thought I'd share another form of deception that clouds things even further Fake labels. Here are a few. There is a new system of protection for Murano glass: a few days ago in For more on the new Vetro Artistico® Murano label see the official We are glad to announce the Vetro e Disegno exhibition Save the date: 2 Feb. Here's a guide on how not to be fooled with Murano Glass copies. Murano glass are well advised to learn how to recognize these labels so that they We are delighted to announce the second edition of Homo Faber Save the date: 10 Sept.

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