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Dating service network watcher

Dating service network watcher

Feature tour Scanning remote hosts Total Network Monitor helps system administrators maintain local area networks by continuously checking the availability of network computers and services. While continuously monitoring your local network, Total Network Monitor sends instant alerts once an issue is detected, helping to correct issues before they become problems. Low bandwidth and low CPU consumption, multi-threaded performance and comprehensive reporting make Total Network Monitor an ideal solution for networks of any size.

Sensors and Monitors Total Network Monitor does much more than verify availability of servers on a schedule. A wide range of sensors allows to check the status of various components of your network infrastructure. Available since the early ages of network computing, ICMP ping is the simplest and lowest-level are-you-alive request. Windows sensors allow to verify that your network computers running client and server versions of Windows are healthy.

When Total Network Monitor detects an dating service network watcher, it attempts to alert the system administrator by performing one or several pre-configured actions: play a sound, display a message on the local computer, send an email with a detailed description of the incident, push an instant message or contact the administrator via an external application.

In addition, Total Network Monitor can perform steps to mitigate the issue automatically e.

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